Our Services Include

• Custody and Access Reports for Court – Child and Family Solutions provides independent assessments in respect of custody contact arrangements which will be child-centred and create as little disruption as possible to children.

 Section 20 Reports

 • Fostering Assessments: We are in a position to carry out individual fostering assessments for the HSE, if the HSE requires an assessment to be completed urgently.

Private Parenting Consultations for parents, foster carers and adoptive parents.

Art Therapy is recognised as being very beneficial to children and young people who have experienced trauma, grief, separation and who are displaying behavioural difficulties. A therapeutic space is provided for exploration and expression. It can be easier for young people to deal with difficult issues through non-verbal communication compared with talking therapy. Art therapy can allow engagement in a less threatening form of expression than through words alone. The process of the building of trust between the young person and the therapist provides a safe space for issues to be worked through. Art therapy can also help develop self-confidence and build self-esteem.
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Consultations for Professionals who face challenges in parenting or in their work with children. This includes teachers who are facing significant difficulties in behavioural management in the classroom. We can provide teachers with a range of effective tools to utilize in the classroom setting.

Individual appointments for children and teenagers who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. This may relate to a myriad of difficulties such as separation issues, bullying, challenging behavior and substance misuse.

Multidisciplinary Assessment: Child and Family Solutions recognizes the importance of multi-disciplinary assessment and supports in order to ensure that children are provided with every opportunity to reach their full potential. The team includes a psychologist, speech and language therapist and an occupational therapist and social worker. The benefits of a multidisciplinary assessment are enormous as all aspects of your child’s development and needs will be fully assessed. The assessment process also involves interview with the child’s parents / primary carers. Following completion of the assessment, a meeting will be convened in order to enable the relevant professionals to provide you with feedback and to allow time for discussion in respect of the your child’s needs and how it is proposed to address them. You will receive a comprehensive report, which will clearly set out the interventions which are recommended by the professionals.
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Expert independent Guardian ad Litem assessments: Orla Ryan has been working as an independent Guardian ad Litem since September of 2007. As an established Guardian ad Litem and experienced social work practitioner, with extensive experience in the area of child protection, residential care and probation work, Orla has a long-standing reputation for providing high quality, independent, expert assessments to the Courts.