About Us

gardial_ad_litemChild and Family Solutions was developed by Orla Ryan in early 2012, in order to provide a specialist service for children, separating families, foster families, adoptive families and professionals who face challenges in their work with children. The key components of the service offered by Child and Family Solutions, are Guardian ad Litem services, consultation & assessment services, which have been developed in order to promote positive outcomes for children.

Orla Ryan is an experienced Guardian ad Litem who holds a Bachelor degree in Social Science, a Masters degree in Social Science (Social Work) and the National Qualification in Social Work. Orla is a professionally qualified social worker with a combination of nineteen years of academic and professional experience in child protection and residential care. Due to the overwhelming significance of attachment related issues in our work with children and families, Orla has completed a M. Sc. in Attachment Studies in the University of Roehampton, London. She has undertaken this course of study in order to complement the Masters qualification in Social Work.

Orla Ryan has worked as an independent Guardian ad Litem since September of 2007. To date, the majority of Orla’s work is based in the District Court in Dolphin House, Dublin, Bray District Court, Arklow District Court and in the High Court. In addition to being appointed to children, Orla has also been appointed to vulnerable parents in psychiatric care.

Orla is a member of the Irish Association of Social Workers, the British Association for the Study & Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect, the British Association for Fostering and Adoption and the British Association for Social Workers. Orla was also a member of the working group which contributed to the development of the CAAB Guidelines ‘Giving a voice to children’s wishes, feelings, Guidance on the Role, Criteria for Appointment, Qualifications and Training of Guardians ad Litem appointed for children in Proceedings under the Childcare Act, 1991’, which was published in May of 2009.Whether you are a parent or a professional who faces challenges in your role, Child & Family Solutions will be a resource for you, which will support you to work towards achieving positive outcomes.  The training programme will be updated on a regular basis, in order to respond to the changing needs of parents and professionals. If there is an area which you would like training in, please contact Orla and every effort will be made to develop the required training.